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Academic Subjects

Virtual and In-Person Sessions!

Math Exercises
Science Class


All Elementary and Intermediate Math Subjects

High School Courses - Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics


All Elementary and Intermediate Science Subjects

High School Courses - Biology/AP Biology, Chemistry/AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, AP Environmental Science, Physics/AP Physics

English Language Arts

K-12 - Grammar and reading comprehension techniques

K-8 English Class homework and test prep

High School Courses - 9th English, 10th English, AP Lang

Essay revisions and feedback

Multiple choice preparation

Literary analysis


Teacher Helping Student
Education Books Bookshelves


All Elementary and Intermediate History Subjects

High School Courses - World Geography, AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP Psychology, United States History

STAAR Test Preparation

All Elementary, Intermediate, and High School STAAR Prep

Matched with tutors that have earned "Mastered" on all STAAR tests and consistently earn 100th percentile.

SAT Preparation

Subjects - Math

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